The northern county of Breizhica


As the capital city of county Trégor and epicenter of trade, arts, education, politics, and social life of the realm, Tréguier is also called the star of Breizhica. It's home to the civil administration headquarters and high courthouse, as well as the famous Chatillon Chapel, Elitraitte Arts Academy, and historic Theatre Lagreaux.

Beneath the Chapel lies catacombs, which include remains from nearly every race that once walked the continent, slaves, and masters alike. Visitors can look forward to informative tours in addition to standard services; the Chatillon's pride themselves on understanding and teaching the rites and beliefs of others.

Now a place for artisans of all variety, painters, singers, musicians, sculptors, and the like, the Elitraitte Arts Academy had humbler roots. In the time of elven occupation, citizens of what is now Trégor, who were inclined to creative pursuits, met in private at a modest stone building in the quest of their callings. Looked down up by their elven masters, it wasn't until the emancipation of Briezhica and the Sibylle's taking power that the arts began to thrive.

Today, the academy is a sprawling campus, which is well known through neighboring lands in the instruction of students, even having a renowned theater company, playing shows at the Theatre Lagreux. At the heart of the academy sits the walls of the stone building that began it all.

A sculpture and flower garden sweeps out from the tumbled walls, creating a quiet, verdant space where students and artisans alike can sit in contemplation. It is said that the famous play "Queen of Thorns" was written there by the renowned playwright, Vivhen Lylont.


Known for producing a rare regional treasure, much like the blue garnets from Houglaz, Derredain's Sistr and Chouchenn are peerless.

Sistr is a classic Breizhican cider made from Arne Orchard apples. An aged version is made here in the old hardwood Chouchenn barrels. Chouchenn being a traditional Breizhica mead, is created in the Redain Distillery.


Just south of lake Sheil'Ness is the expansive farming province of Clackmannanshire. Responsible for nearly all of the fresh goods consumed by Breizhica's citizens, the region also produces Sistr, which the nearby Redain Distillery ages.

As one of the realm's oldest holdings, it's the original blue-collar region, having been founded well before the Houglaz Caverns were discovered. As such, the people of Clackmannanshire view themselves as the true working-class Breizhicans.

The noble Arne's are responsible for the administration of the area and are unlike the rest of Trégor's aristocrats. As the years have passed, they have continued to celebrate their heritage as hunters, and despite such trivialities being above their station, the family runs every aspect of the Arne Orchard and Game Reserve themselves.


Since Breizhica's founding and for as long as there has been fresh produce and farm goods to sell, the Revelry Market has existed in one incarnation or another. A highlight of the entire realm, the market brings together locals, travelers, farmers, artisans, performers, and peddlers alike every fifth day for two days. 

In between the stalls and merchant tents are a scattering of small single-person platforms for demonstrations or just getting noticed. Bright banners wave from the open windows above the storefronts during all seasons. Food carts roll down the side alleys and set up wherever they can fit their stoves, smoke and fragrant steam billowing into the crowds. 


In the North of Breizhica, the idyllic city of Fyne rests on the crystal-blue waters of Lake Clywedog. It has long been a destination for vacationers and tourists from neighboring lands. The days of a quiet lake fishing village are long gone, but some of its more humble beginnings remain to this day. Such as The Bronze Oyster Inn and Tavern, which overlooks the lake and is well known for its nautical theme, sophisticated service, and fresh-caught fish, clams and muscles.

The city has sloping cobblestone streets with quaint shops and inns of all sizes. It has been called a paradise by many, with its ancient treed forests with walking trails and gardens spanning the city. The Festival of Sparks is the highlight of the year occurring at the height of summer when the days are long. Large crowds of tourists descend on the city at this time to partake in parties, and the lighting of the flames, where tiny boats carrying wishes scrolled on strips of folded parchment and candles are let loose onto the lake. It is said the lake spirits grant earnest wishes for those deemed worthy.

Located on Lake Clywedog, Rielle Fisheries supplies the places of fine dining throughout Fyne City. They are the largest fishery in the city and launch their boats from the Northern docks. The family has a long fishing lineage on the lake, and it is said that if one is genuinely in search of a rare fish, there is nowhere better to ask, but Rielle's.


Notable Characters

Residents of Trégor


Borlewen Milread Le Berre

Lawyer & Professor

Strong interest in ancient pottery.
Right knee is stiff and walks with a limp.



Server (Bronze Oyster)

Father works for the Rielle's. 
Usually wearing a blue vest.