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On the southern continent in the world of Vawl, Breizhica is a rich feudal kingdom steeped in history. Within the TES universe, Breizhica is a Breton duchy near Daggerfall for my character stories.


The Serpent Priestess

A powerful dark mage cursed by undeath. 

The Mistress will see you now...


Shrouded Tomes & Treasures

A collaborative RP setting within ESO for running campaigns and writing stories with other players. Also includes The Enchanted Respite! The underground living complex of a secretive organization.


The Ruarieth Alliance

A small country on the southern continent of Vawl bordering the radical humans of the edge of the world. Within the TES universe, Ruarieth is a Dunmer House for my character stories.

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An original world created by Serenity for game campaigns and stories.
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