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Hello World!

Now that the website layout has been mostly finalized, I want to take a moment and explain why I wanted to create a website in the first place and what those stumbling upon it can expect. tl;dr - the site is a place for me and my writing partner to keep all of our story stuff in a central location regardless of the setting, game, other tools needed, etc. After several years of having our documents, tables, maps, screenshots, art, stories, inspiration, and worldbuilding notes spread across various locations, I grew tired of trying to organize it all. The worst instances were when we'd be in the middle of writing a difficult scene, grasping for a detail that was buried somewhere in our virtual pile of papers while we tried to ride the wave of inspiration. Near immediately, my motivation would falter at the daunting task of looking for that detail, ideas derailed by a lack of preparation on our part. So, in an effort to organize all of that stuff and mitigate writing derailment, here we are! So that's what the website is for, but what about this blog? Well, this is just for me. No, really. It's not unreasonable that I don't want to be a mindless corporate drone with a number stamped on my forehead forever. Usually, I'd just handle the daily cognitive dissonance by partaking in the creative projects I created this site for. But now that there's a pandemic spreading across the world, I need more. I need to write more and speak more and hone my skills more. There's no reason why I can't write a few hundred words a week and do all the cool shit I already do.

Welcome to the art of storytelling, my way!


Speaking of cool shit I'm doing, my friend Rall is running a new 5e campaign starting Saturday. Here's a peek of my character, Lisenthea!

credit to my co-author for doctoring some fair use images with photoshop wizardry.

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