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Anxiety and Creativity

These past few days have been a whirlwind. Between the emotional ups and downs that have been heightened by the pandemic and the standard existence of a creative person with mental health disorders, I'm exhausted.

As we sort through the shambles of what remains of our daily routines here at home, I've been trying to take this opportunity to reflect on the actions that reduce my anxiety and increase my creativity. So far the list remains short and relatively nonspecific, but I'm hopeful that the longer we're expected to isolate the more details will emerge. And the more silver linings shine through the fog.

For example, on my list of mental health coping mechanisms as well as my list of creative amplifiers is "Take a Bath". However, I've found that my anti-anxiety relaxing bath is a different beast than my creative enhancement bath. They both involve candles, oils, bubbles, etc. but my mindset, the music, and lighting all change.

Even the books I'm reading have had to change to fit this new daily normal. Now I'm selecting more fanciful novels that encourage escapism into the author's world whereas before the pandemic I was working through my list of Buddhism titles. Though I continue to be grateful that my years of gaming prepared me for this moment, I'm also grateful that my other creative hobbies and outlets lend themselves to it as well.

My friend's DnD campaign started over the weekend and Lisenthia was a hit! While we're running through his campaign's tutorial phase there's a lot of combat and I'm happy to report that her bard skills were super useful to the party. The biggest concern for next Saturday is whether or not she can afford the dry cleaning bill...


Here is Lisenthia's reference sheet to go with her background from last week and another background by my co-author. This time it's his character, Vaeros!

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