The southern county of Breizhica


Dumnonia is the capital city of County Morgannwg located east of Lake Drennec and south of Castle Sibylle. Once a small farming village before the mineral deposits were discovered in the nearby Houglaz Caverns. After the mine was established, however, the quaint village quickly became a boom town with the discovery of rare gems and ore, most notably the blue garnet, for which Breizhica is known. This new industry proliferated, and the miners guild formed in conjunction with a Blacksmithing and Metalworking school, Metal Matters.

Today Dumnonia is known for its many skilled trades workers and a working-class cultural mentality. In contrast with their northern neighbors, whom they claim to share little in common with, Dumnonia's trades celebrate the materials more often than the art. 

The architecture of the city is predominately stone quarried locally, with cobblestone streets at the interior. The slums of the town have rougher hewn stone buildings, mixed with wooden framed housings, more akin to hovels. Despite this shambolic appearance, businesses in the city are plentiful, including the Flint and Tinder Pub, known for its dark ale and sausage.


East of lake Llydaw is the system of Houglaz caverns and mines which extend deep beneath the rocky hills of the county. While they provide most of the raw materials for trades and essentials to the entire realm, they're also a tomb.

Primarily an Iron-Oxide Copper-Gold (IOCG) mine, Houglaz has veins of silver and nickel running throughout. Rare blue garnets provide additional value, and even the Skarn deposits are heavy with quite significant ore mineralization.

Those souls unfortunate enough to call Houglaz their final resting place in truth get very little rest. The locals are sure to avoid venturing too close to the cavern mouths or dig sites where miners still haunt the living.


The small town was once a quaint mining village known locally for the vibrant fabrics that the residents wore. A little market stood in the city center across from the administration building, which sold an array of goods from protective talismans to specialty treats. Each day, the dozen or so of the extended families that called the town their home would gather to exchange news.

Until one day, a miner aggrieved a wyress earning himself a curse before subsequently causing a cave-in. The rest of the town fell ill, and the few who survived couldn't save the others. Now the cursed undead walk the mines and claw new caves and tunnels with their hybrid tool-limbs while the crumbling stone facades of the few remaining standing structures barely hide the rot that spreads through Morbihan. 

Still, a handful of residents call this haunted place home and are willing to impart the tale of their tragedies to those foolish enough to visit—woe to those occasional treasure hunters passing through on their way to Dunmonia. Stop for supplies, and you run the risk of never being seen again.


The crumbling ruins of stone buildings are all that's left of old Strathclyde.


Guillerm and Gauthier's forge dates back hundreds of years to the mining boom of Dumnonia and has been in the families of the founders for the duration. The armory has outfitted the Sibylle family along with other influential nobles down to the working class guards but was founded initially to serve the illustrious Order of the Ermine. 

The family smiths are known for their detailed work and exceptional quality and enjoy a following far beyond Breizhica's borders. With their work in both arms and armor coveted for its superb craftsmanship, known by their trademark G/G symbol with scrolling lines beneath. 


Notable Characters

Residents of Morgannwg


Aine Tiawaz

Theoretical Mage

Specialties include:

  • Research on Mysticism

  • Laboratory administration

  • Cataloging


Gerard Avippe


Formerly a captain in the Daggerfall City Guard.


Maxine Hoelk

Miner, Union Leader

Quiet until provoked. Dangerously charismatic. Trusted by all.