An original fiefdom


The noble Sibylle family rules over Breizhica today as it has from the country's founding with its current sovereigns Dorian and Natalie Sibylle. Though relatively new to the crown, Dorian and his new wife Natalie have already made sweeping changes in an attempt to better the lives of their subjects. 

The realm of Breizhica boasts diverse peoples and cultures, ranging from more industrial pursuits such as mining and smithing toward the south to farming, universities, arts, and the courts to the north. Surrounded by allies on all sides and a stable form of government ensure that Breizhicans enjoy a peaceful existence. 

A temperate climate with little in the way of extreme weather makes the area ideal for those residing in Breizhica permanently and tourists. Landscapes of gently sloping hills, lakes, ocean coastline, swampland, farms, and forests abound.


Founded by the Sibylle family as a knightly Order to protect humans while the elves still held the continent, the family was granted aristocratic status shortly after human emancipation. Barely more than a decade later, they were given a significant province which, over time, then became the vast realm of Breizhica known today.

The Sibylle estate and castle sits to the west, surrounded by six imposing towers near the boundary of Breizhica and nestled between the counties of Morgannwg and Trégor. Within the thick stone walls are the primary barracks for The Order of the Ermine, the central stable, Castle Sibylle, and the original Keep, which houses those working within the estate.  


A far wealthier county than its neighbor to the south, Tregor is the center of Breizhica's thriving tourism and entertainment industries. From the lakes to the east and north, to the picturesque farms and quaint villages spaced throughout the district, nearly every locale is worthy of a visit.

Trégor's artisans are responsible for an abundance of the finished exports of the realm, most choosing to study their arts at the capital. Nearby orchards, farms, and fisheries account for the majority of the realm's food.


Countess Manod Le Berre is the sole ruler of the county, appointed three years ago. A former justice on the high court, her reputation is nothing short of exemplary.


Originally named Glamorgan, it was changed early in the 2nd era after a traitorous Count attempted a coup d'etat to overthrow the ruling Sibylle monarch. Following the fall of the Uprising after months of vicious fighting, the Glamorgan family was deposed, stripped of titles, lands, and wealth. The county was renamed, with the majority of the Glamorgan wealth given to the mining coalitions and others negatively affected by the Uprising as a show of goodwill.

The people of Morgannwg and its capital city Dumnonia have fierce independence, relentless working ethic, and earth-centric identity, calling themselves the people of the earth due to their cultural tradition steeped in mining.


Just south of the tiny Briezhican peninsula Corbeen and across the bay from their affluent neighbors is a province barely more substantial than the harbor from which it takes its name. Independent of both counties Morgannwg and Trégor, Kernow Harbor is a place all its own and home to a lively community of sailors, merchants and tourists. It boasts sparkling teal waters, several small rocky islands near the coast, and a bustling, if dangerous, merchant row.

Though without a county, Seigneur Le Maëlleraeux, is the caretaker entrusted to rule over Kernow Harbor and its peoples. A small but significant holding which has only continued to grow in power over the years.


Notable Characters

Residents and Travelers of Breizhica


Lady Valkyrie Sibylle-Ruarieth

Lady & Commander

  • Original Player Character